Bringing The Vision into a Mission

The wind is building beneath our wings now and we are taking off.  I am honored to be a part of the mission and it has become my life purpose.  Blessings to all.


Maestro Mark Pomerantz

I was privileged to be the bass player in a band called Razor’s Edge, with The Maestro writing, singing and playing guitar like only he did.

Steve Warren was the drummer and lifetime friend of Mark.  I just found and old tape of some songs we recorded in a studio. Completely raw, one take songs. I have started the process of putting some of these songs out to be heard. The Maestro left the planet some time back and it has been a grievous loss to me. As well as all those who knew and loved this wonderful artist and human.

here is a link to my reverbnation page with two of Razor’s Edge songs. The top two.


Are You Listening?

Things have been picking up in IS studios. I have been getting ideas down and formed up and just got a preliminary track with Alan for my song Are You Listening?. It is a song written in the late 80’s when it looked like Jimmy Page and his bandmates would not be heard from again. I wrote a riff song in a style Jimmy might employ and then wrote words that were a message to him. This is where the “are you listening?” part comes in. It is also the chorus of the song.

“Are you listening? Just wanted to say hi. Are you listening? ‘Cause it’s ear to ear, til we meet eye to eye.”

I also put out a track of my first folk genre song and my first attempt at melodious ballad type singing. I cannot imagine either the guitar or vocal track surviving for long, but both have a spirit and innocence that I am happy with. Artists sharing the process of song building is something I enjoy. I keep promotion limited for the rough versions as they are only for the interested, which are fairly few, right now. That is not a bad thing given the very early stages of a re-emerging music career.

So, without further ado, I will post links to “Seems Like Yesterday” also known as “Call of the Highlands” in its instrumental form. I also include the live rhythm track (drums and bass) of “Are You Listening”

Flying With Faerie

Just uploaded a video with various renditions of Faerie and other magical settings set to a piece I ended up writing as I was putting down an idea. The song wrote itself. Not a perfect execution, the song retains its inspiration and spirit of the Faerie muses that gave it to me. It is a little raw and wild, like they are.


Tuning, Frequencies and the Human Energy Field

I just put a few more raw recordings that I made this Winter. “Echoes of Will” and “Flying with Faerie”.  Both are in D major. D is associated with the color Blue, which is associated with the Throat chakra. This chakra is associated with the Will. My standard A tuning is 432 Hz. This was the standard tuning before WWll. When one views the frequencies and their numbers one sees a more symmetrical system. The modern study of Cymatics also gives a view as to what frequencies appear as they interface with molecules of matter. I am of the firm belief that the 432 A tuning is a more wholesome one. As a modern musician it is a lonely stand to take. So, it is my solo tuning and I remain flexible when playing with others.

I have included a link for those interested in reading more about this subject. This is working with the idea that people might actually read this blog, LOL.

My ReverbNation link:

Call of the Highlands (New Song)

The twists and turns of life creating zig-zags and new things. Trite is still in process, but this other song wanted to emerge form me and getting a basic guitar track with a drum machine rhythm went smoothly. As rough as it is, the essence and magic, as well as an approximate arrangement were captured. Full lyrics are not yet done, although the concept is there. Now for some layering of other instruments to create the mood and atmosphere this piece is meant to evoke. I might possibly create two directions for this song. One a lush instrumental and the other a more basic folk-type of song with a sing-a-long chorus. I hope this creative wind stays at my back. I start getting busy with bodyworking in a month and the time I have currently will seem a luxury then.